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Developed in the leadership of National Planning Commission and in collaboration with key partners, the Multi-sector Nutrition Plan 2013-2017 has the goal of improving maternal and child nutrition, which will result in the reduction of Maternal Infant and Young Child (MIYC) under-nutrition, in terms of maternal BMI and child stunting, by one third. Five key Ministries – Health and Population, Agriculture Development, Education, Urban Development, Federal Affairs and Local Development are involved under the umbrella of NPC. The Plan was approved by the Council of Ministers in June 2012, and launched nationally on 20th of September 2012. The MSNP aims to contribute towards attaining its long-term vision and mid-term goal by achieving three major Outcomes:

  • Outcome 1: Policies, plans and multi-sector coordination improved at national and local levels
  • Outcome 2: Practices that promote optimal use of nutrition ‘specific’ and nutrition ‘sensitive’ services improved, ultimately leading to enhanced maternal and child nutritional statu
  • Outcome 3: Strengthened capacity of central and local governments on nutrition to provide basic services in an inclusive and equitable manner.

The MSNP has set the following objectives to accomplish in five years:

  • Percent prevalence of stunting among children under 5 years of age reduced below 29%
  • Percent prevalence of underweight among children under 5 years of age reduced below 20%
  • Percent prevalence of wasting among children under 5 years of age reduced below 5%
  • Reduce undernutrition among women 15-49 years of age (BMI<18.5) by 15%





National Planning Commission (NPC)


Policies, Plans, Strategies etc.



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