• 5th Annual Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition (Nutrition Innovation Lab) Agriculture-Nutrition Scientific Symposium, and the 2nd Agriculture, Nutrition and Health (ANH) Academy week

    By r.gauchan     7/7/2017

    Symposium Goal:

    • To share research findings, program evaluations and evidence-based policy initiatives on multi-sectoral approaches to improve the nutrition and health of society.

    Symposium Objectives: 

    •  Highlight existing interdisciplinary research on linkages along the agriculture- nutrition pathway and/or components of this complex pathway. ?
    •  Strengthen future research in Nepal on this topic that can improve food security, diets and nutritional status in the country.
    •  Through interactive academic sessions, strengthen attendees’ understanding and competencies on designing, assessment methods,    implementing and analyzing and interpreting data to build evidence of impact for nutrition-sensitive programs and policy development in Nepal. ?