• Workshop on Public Finance for Nutrition in Asia(PF4N)-Bangkok,Thailand

    By NNFSS     5/24/2016

    The Workshop on Public Finance for Nutrition in Asia was to share the experience of Nepal on Public Financing and the financial tracking exercise of the country. The Nepal delegation comprised of representatives from the line ministries under the leadership of the  National Planning Commission Honorable Member Prof. Dr.Geeta Bhakta Joshi.

    The workshop presented an overview of public financial management cycle for nutrition together with tracking financial investment flows and experiences and sharing the countries’ experience on Financial tracking exercise beyond data reporting from India, Nepal and Tajikistan .The workshop provided a wide spectrum of discussion around the nutrition and cost estimations with links to financial tracking. Also the use of this financing modality for program planning  and prioritization

    Outcome of the workshop

    Ø  Re-orientation to the country delegates on the financial tracking and its importance to achieve the nutrition goal considering the global movement of Scaling up Nutrition (SUN)

    Ø  Sharing experience from different countries and learned various tools and techniques for scaling up nutrition in the Asia region

    Ø  Encouraged delegates for the greater multi-sector coordination and increase budget allocation for nutrition sensitive and specific intervention

    Ø  Developed common understanding on Nutrition Advocacy at all level

    Ø  Strengthened capacity of the country delegates in financial tracking