• 27th SUN Movement Country Network Teleconference Meeting

    By NNFSS     9/21/2017

    The 27th  SUN Country Network Meeting will discuss progress across SUN Countries in accessing and using financial resources for nutrition, tapping into country investment plans and additional resources. Since countries face different realities and are at different stages of mobilizing resources, discussions will be tailored to the specific context of countries, in particular, the presence of donors and funds they are able to access.

    Overall, this Country Network Meeting aims at learning about good experiences and challenges in:

    I. Animating donor networks

    II. Aligning and coordinating external funding (from development partners and CSO) with priorities in national nutrition plans, and

    III. Mobilising additional funding from innovative financing mechanisms (domestic and/or external)


    Date: Monday, 25th September 2017

    Time: 13:45-15:45 hours

    Venue: UNICEF Conference Room, UN House, Pulchowk, Lalitpur